Extra Long Skipping Rope

Classic gift. Contains rope and classic skipping songs

I Spy Secret Message Kit

Create your own secret messaging code! Fun stocking filler game

Mini Gem Chart Box

Covetable mini-polished gemstones 8x5.4cm

Dig Your Own Fossils

Excavate genuine fossils! 8x10cm

Fossil Magnifier Pack

Contains a collection of fossils, a plastic magnifier and an information sheet

Glow In The Dark Galaxy Of Stars Tin

Ever-popular glow-in-the-dark stars. 9.5x9.5x4cm

Painted Frog

Cute little frog. Just run the stick along its back to make it croak!

Solar System Erasures

An educational and functional gift for budding astrophysicists.


A lovely soft cuddly fox sure to become the cutest friend.


A lovely soft cuddly brown and cream owl sure to become the cutest friend.

Billionaire Boys Tremendous Times Tables Game

Fun and educational number games that will help children with their times tables.

Gangsta Granny Mental Maths Game

Fun mental maths games, Illustrated with images from David Walliams Best Selling Book

Awful Aunties Wonderfully Witty Word Games

7 great card games that will help children in Key Stages 1 or 2 with their spelling

Adventurers Headlight

Headlight perfect for camping, fishing, boating and all other outdoor pursuits

Clownfish Flashing Bouncy Ball

Great stocking filler. LED that lights up when bounced.

60 Second Paper Planes

Have fun seeing who can fold an aeroplane and fly it furthest in just 60 seconds!



Large Chocolate Coin

Classic at Christmas. Solid Milk Chocolate.

National Geographic Space Landscape 3D A6 Notebook

Fantastic 3D effect to enhance this amazing image.

National Geographic View from Mars 3D A6 Notebook

Fantastic 3D effect to enhance this amazing image.

Father Christmas In Net

A fantastic stocking filler. Solid Milk Chocolate