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Bashful Unicorn Medium

Sugar-sweet in pink and white, Bashful Unicorn from Jellycat is such a delight

Dig Your Own Fossils

Excavate genuine fossils! 8x10cm

Food Groups

Beautiful wooden educational set features items from the five food groups for fun learning

Mini Gem Chart Box

Covetable mini-polished gemstones 8x5.4cm

My First Peg Puzzle - Safari

Match each brightly coloured wooden piece to the correctly shaped slot on the base board.

Organic Cotton Hand Puppet Lion

Beautiful hand knitted puppets. Good quality with lots of character!

Organic Cotton Hand Puppet Penguin

Beautiful hand knitted puppets. Good quality with lots of character!


A lovely soft cuddly brown and cream owl sure to become the cutest friend.

Painted Frog

Cute little frog. Just run the stick along its back to make it croak!

Ridley Games Room Brain Freeze Quiz

This fun fast-paced word guessing game is suitable for all ages.

Ridley Games Room Classic Charades Quiz

There's no hiding from this traditional after dinner family game!

Ridley Games Room Movie Buff Quiz

Test the knowledge of the self proclaimed film fanatics amongst your friends and family.

Ridley Games Room Party Compendium

This party compendium includes popular quiz games: Sing it Back, Charades, Guess What and The Name Game.

Rounders Set

Gather friends and family and head to the park for this great fun game for all ages

Space Bouncer

This fun gift is perfect for any child. Jump onto this cheeky green alien and hold on tight for lift off!

The Ridley Games Room Compendium

This compendium of popular games is a perfect gift for all the family.

Farm train
Out of stock

Farm train

Children can join the chicken and pig for a countryside rail adventure on board the farmyard train. There is also a carriage fu….