Fund an hour of nursing care

Virtual e-Gift

Brighten up a Marie Curie Hospice with the gift of flowers

Our hospices are where people come who are too unwell to be looked after at home by our nurses. They’re also the place people come to during the day to get a variety of treatments. They’re a home from home for the families that come to visit them.

Fund our day care services

Our hospices offer a whole host of day care services, and are not just medical facilities. After all, they’re there to help people living with a terminal illness and their families get the most from the time they have left.

Fund training for a Helper volunteer

Having someone to chat to over a cup of tea, help getting to an appointment or run an errand, or just being there to listen when someone needs a friendly ear.

Give our nurses the equipment they need

We have thousands of nurses up and down the country, who go from home to home helping those that need it. Even with their training and knowledge, without the right equipment they simply can’t do their job properly.

Give the gift of a Marie Curie Nurse uniform

The classic Marie Curie uniform is a symbol. It means help has arrived, that someone you can rely on is here. It’s relief, support and the knowledge that you’re not alone. This is how the people we care about see our nurses and the uniform they’re proud to wear.

Help a child cope with losing a loved one

Losing a loved one is difficult for anyone, but is especially hard on children. They might not understand what’s happened or feel a loss extremely strongly.

Keep our hospice gardens blooming

By giving a gift to the garden of one of our hospices, you’ll be helping to plant something really special for others to enjoy. Our gardens are places that families spend time in when they’re visiting relatives, and they’re the peaceful places people staying at the hospice love so much.

Keep our Support Line open

Where do families and carers go when they have a question about an ill loved one? If someone has just been diagnosed, where can they go for information and guidance?