This BEES Butterfly & Bee Seed Shaker is a carefully selected variety of flowers chosen to attract wildlife and pollinators. 

  • Contains: Yarrow, Mexican Giant Hyssop, Prince's Feather, Lady's Lace, Starflower, Safflower, Cornflower, Golden Crown, Larkspur, Coneflower, Indian Blanket Flower, Candytuft, Mallow, Scarlet Flax, 4 O'Clock Lily, Love in a Mist, Basil, Common Poppy, Yellow Hawkweed, Moss Verbena, Zinnia Mixed, Oxeye Daisy, California, Poppy, Illinois Wildflowers, White mustard and Blue Lupin.
  • Sowing Period: February - June
  • Flowering Period: June - October 

Product code: AVS2277